For a smooth and sporty course of the event, we feel compelled to draw your attention to some important rules:

  • Participation in the event is at the participant’s own risk.
  • The participant grants indemnity to the organization against all liability and claims possibly resulting from participation in the event.
  • The officials have the right to disqualify participants for reasons of misbehaviour during or before the race.
  • The race directors have the right to withdraw participants from the competition for the latter’s personal protection, e.g. for medical reasons.
  • The race will take place according to the rules of the Belgian triathlon federation (BTDF : :
  • You shall adhere to the directions, instructions and rules of the volunteers and the officials (who can be recognized by clothing marked ‘TECHNICAL OFFICIAL’, ‘RACE OFFICIAL’ and/or I.T.U.) under penalty of disqualification.

These include among others:

  • Music devices (iPod, phones, etc) with earphones are not allowed;
  • Action cameras (GoPro’s etc) attached to your bike or helmet are ony allowed after approval of the head-technical-official;
  • No outside assintance is allowed, supporters are not allowed to accompany you on bike on the bike- and run course;
  • If you are caught drafting on the bike course, you’ll receive a blue card which implies a 5 minute penalty in the penalty box; it is the athlete’s responsibility to serve the penalty. If the penalty was not served the athlete is disqualified; If you are caught drafting 3 times and are shown a blue card 3 times you are disqualified;
  • Blocking is prohibited! Blocking violation is punished by a yellow card (1 minute in penalty box)
  • Regarding relay teams, the biker has to inform the runner independently and autonomously about his/her imposed time penalty, it’s the runners responsibility to serve to time penalty at the exit of Transition 2.
  • The littering of trash during the competition outside the provided zones in transition area as well as at the begining and ending of the aid stations of the bike and run courses will end in a disqualification.


  • no          card  >            stop&go (Minor violation)
  • Yellow  card  >            30 sec in the penalty box (Blocking violation)
  • Blue      card  >            5 minutes in the penalty box (Drafting violation)
  • Red       card  >            disqualification (Serious breach of the rules/dangerous or unsportsmanlike conduct)


CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN is a non-drafting race. We follow the 12 meter drafting rule, so we will work with a 12m long and 3m wide anti drafting zone. This zone is from the front wheel of the leading athlete to the front wheel of the overtaking athlete. Overtaking should take place within 25 seconds. Blocking is prohibited.

There will be DUTCH-LINES along te course to check your distance.