Challenge Geraardsbergen 2021 – CANCELLED

Dear athletes, partners and volunteers,

We had hoped to bring you different news today, but unfortunately we can only inform you that there will be no CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN in 2021!
Where in the past weeks we had high hopes to be able to organize our race, we unfortunately now have to conclude that this is impossible. Despite submitting a completely COVID-safe plan for our race to the various authorities, we get no response. The only answer we get at the moment is that we have to wait a few more weeks for a final decision.
For us as organizers and of course for our athletes this situation is no longer tenable. We had hoped to receive some certainty from the higher authorities by now, but unfortunately the permission does not come.
With huge reluctance we give up on our 2021-edition. We truly hope for your understanding.
Our current contract with CHALLENGEFAMILY expired this year, so it was not certain that there would be a CHALLENGEFAMILY race in Geraardsbergen in 2022, but since we are unable to organize this year’s edition, the city of Geraardsbergen and CHALLENGEFAMILY came to an agreement and the race will be moved to 2022.
This means that we can move everyone who is registered for the 2021-edition to the race of 2022 for free.

What are the consequences?
This cancellation has far-reaching consequences, not only on a sports level, but also on an organizational and economic level. Heavy investments have already been made in personalized materials, working hours, technology and licenses for the 2021-edition of CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN. We do not yet know the exact size of these costs, but it will undoubtedly have a huge impact on our organization.

What now?
Despite the undeniable case of force majeure in which we find ourselves, we insist on thinking of our athletes first and foremost: #Allabouttheathlete. We offer every already registered athlete to convert his or her current registration into a participation slot for our 2022 race. The date for the 2022-edition of CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN will be announced later, but we will continue to
organize in the same period of the year. CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN will fully bear the costs of the transfer to 2022. The athlete will not be charged.

Date for 2022?
At the moment, no new date has been announced. However, we aim to keep the same period as 2021. We hope to announce the new date very soon.

1: The athlete wants to participate in 2022
If you are registered for the 2021-edition of CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN and you want to be race in 2022, we will be happy to extend your registration to 2022 free of charge. If you had cancellation insurance for 2021, we will also extend this for the 2022-edition free of charge.
2: The athlete prefers a refund and has cancellation insurance
If you are registered for the 2021-edition with cancellation insurance, and choose not to participate in 2022, we will refund 100% of the registration fee.
3: The athlete prefers a refund and has NO cancellation insurance
If you are registered for the 2021-edition without cancellation insurance and you choose not to participate in 2022, we will refund the registration fee minus €50 (€20+€30).
In order to be fair to the people who did take out the insurance, we will charge the same premium of €20 to the athletes who are not insured. In addition, we will charge an administrative fee of €30. The remaining amount will be refunded.
This as a token of appreciation for our athletes and as a thank you for the trust they put in the Challenge Family brand.
Maintaining your registration for 2022 is free of charge!
Let us know your decision!

We ask all our athletes to tell us which arrangement they prefer via the link below. Please let us know by 6 June 2021 if you want to advance your registration to 2022, or if you prefer a refund.