While signing up for CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN, you have the possibility to buy cancellation insurance.

Only when you buy this cancellation insurance do you have the possibility to cancel later your registration for CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN.

This option works on a “money back, no questions asked” basis. We highly recommend you to buy this option, since there will be no possibility to get your money back or to give the entry to anyone else. The cancellation option costs €25 (euros). The cancellation policy only applies to the entry fee (not the booking fee). Our refund policy can be found below:

Refund policy

Used before March 31st, 2023 100% refund
Used between March 31st and May 15th, 2023 50% refund
Used between May 16th and June the 1st, 2023 25% refund
Refund is no longer possible after June the 1st, 2023 0% refund