This athlete’s guide contains very important information for preparing for your race. We ask that you read it thoroughly.
If you are competing in a team, the information in this guide applies to your team and your teammates.

Location and accessibility

Address of the race
De Gavers (Provincial Domain)
Onkerzelestraat 280, 9500 Geraardsbergen

You can park for free on the spacious parking lot (780 spaces) via entrance A on Onkerzelestraat 280. The parking lot is open from 7 am to 11 pm. Overnight parking for mobile homes is not allowed.


In addition to MTB bikes, Cyclocross bikes and gravel bikes are also allowed;

The provincial domain DE GAVERS, including the race course, remains open to the public during the races. You may therefore encounter walkers on the race course! We will do our best to secure the course with stewards at crucial places. Please keep everyone’s safety in mind.

A bike course recon will be organized on Saturday, May 25 at 13:00 (including Linnenkensbos passage). Meet us at parking A of the Gavers. Athletes are not allowed to explore the bike course on other days because the course is partly on private property.

Event Timetable


Each participant will receive a participation packet during registration at the secretariat. Teams must register together at the secretariat. You will find the following items in the participation package:

– a chest number (2 for teams), none for swimming, wear in the front for running, in the back for cycling
– a wristband (3 for teams).
– a swim cap
– an electronic chip to be attached around the LEFT ankle: provide a velcro strap yourself
– a sticker sheet -> attach your race number on the provided places : bike seat – helmet front/left/right – plastic change box (black sticker)
– a drink can
– 3 drink vouchers + 1 hamburger voucher + 1 cold pasta voucher

To participate in CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN, you will need a license.
If you do not have a valid license, you can obtain a day license at the ATHLETEREGISTRATION. This costs €30.00.


After a brief inspection of helmet and mountain bike by the stewards present, you may set up your equipment at the
numbered area. Bags may not be left at the numbered place, only a plastic box. This plastic box will be provided by the organisation. It is not allowed to use your own plastic box. A bike placed in the transition area may not leave it before the start of the race.


Before you take the bike, you need to buckle your helmet. You start cycling only from the bike park exit and not in the bike park. While cycling, you must wear your number on the back. Drafting is allowed. The bike course runs over 2 laps, indicated by arrows or ribbons.

For your information, except from the competition rules regarding cycling :
– The use of MTB is mandatory. But Cyclocross bikes and gravel bikes are also allowed;
– Minimum wheel diameter is 26 inches, maximum wheel diameter is 29 inches;
– MTB handlebars or course handlebars are allowed (side horns are allowed, set-up handlebars are not allowed);
– Depending on the surface, different tire profiles (with or without studs) are possible;
– Athletes may push or carry their bikes on the course;
– Dubbed athletes will not be removed from the race;
– Athletes must have their own repair equipment with them and are responsible for their own repairs during the race.

After the 2nd lap you ride towards the transition zone. At the transition area you dismount at the entrance to the bike park and
Walk next to your bike to your place. You may not open or remove your helmet until you get to your place.


The start of the race will take place at the beach area. This is a 5 min walk from the switch area. Be sure to arrive on time.

GPX here:

For safety reasons, the cut-of time for the swim has been set at 11:40 am.
If you do not reach this limit you will have to leave the competition.

Bike (2 laps)
GPX here:

The start of the 2nd lap is at 14 km.
At the first crossing you turn right here and start the 2nd lap.
At the second crossing turn left and cycle back to the transition area.

For safety reasons the cut-off time for cycling start 2nd lap is set at 13:00.
If you do not reach this limit you will have to leave the race.

Run (2 laps)
GPX here:

After The Race

In the finish zone you will receive a small snack and water/sports drink. We will recover the electronic chip at the finish line before you leave the finish zone. Be sure to return the chip to the organization.

Catering is provided at the race site. All athletes will receive at registration : 3 drink vouchers + 1 hamburger voucher + 1 cold pasta voucher. These can be consumed in the audience/athlete area at the finish.

Changing rooms
There are changing rooms and sanitary facilities provided in THE DOOS.

Turn-off zone
– Solo: After arrival, you can show your wristband – get your bike out of the transition zone. We will open the exchange zone as soon as the last cyclist is in the exchange zone.
For smooth preparation for the next race, we ask that you pick up your bike immediately after your race.

Awards Ceremony
The podium ceremony will follow immediately after the race.
The results will be drawn up for the following 3 categories:
Per category, the first 3 athletes will be asked to take the podium.
Full results will be available after the race on our website and socials.

A vestiare is also provided at registration. We will store your belongings here during the race. Backpacks can be left behind between 10 am and 4 pm. Don’t forget to pick up your belongings after the race.