Five reasons to race:
1. Incredible race venue with the finish line in the heart of historic heritage buildings
2. Centrally located in Belgium making day trips to Bruge and Ghent easily accessible
3. Family friendly location with plenty on offer for everyone
4. A haven for fantastic food and beverage, including renowned Belgian Beers to help you celebrate

Welcome to the heart of natural beauty – Geraardsbergen.

Picture yourself gliding through the crystal-clear waters of the Gavers, surrounded by lush greenery and a sense of tranquility. The rhythmic strokes propel you forward, setting the stage for the ultimate test of endurance and skill. The Gavers lakes, with their pristine waters, provide the perfect backdrop for a swim that combines the beauty of nature with the intensity of competition.

As you emerge from the water, the transition to the next leg of your adventure is seamless. The Geraardsbergen landscape unfolds before you, inviting you to conquer the legendary Bosberg on your bike. Feel the adrenaline surge as you tackle the challenging slopes, each pedal bringing you closer to victory. The Bosberg, with its storied history in professional cycling, adds an extra layer of excitement to your journey.

But the challenge doesn’t end there. The transition to the run takes you through scenic routes, showcasing the best surroundings of Geraardsbergen. As your feet pound the pavement, the cheers of the spectators echo your determination. Beyond the physical exertion lies the camaraderie of fellow athletes, the support of the community, and the sheer joy of pushing your limits. Geraardsbergen becomes not just a race destination but a canvas for your athletic journey, where every stroke, pedal, and step is a stroke of artistry in motion.

Join us in Geraardsbergen, where the Gavers meet the Bosberg, and where the spirit of competition dances with the beauty of nature.