During the Registration Process at ATHLETEREGISTRATION, you will receive the race kit that you’ll need during the race weekend. The race kit consists of the following items:

  1. Race bib number to be worn on your back during cycling and on your chest during running.
  2. Tattoos: decals with your bib number which need to be placed on your body: one on your left upper arm and one on your right upper arm.
  3. Bike seat post sticker, to be placed under the saddle of your bike.
  4. Helmet race number sticker, to stick on the front, left, and right side of your helmet.
  5. Three TA bags stickers, one for each bag
  6. Swimming cap, to be worn during the swim course (obligated!)
  7. Three TA bags, to be used as follows: Red (containing bike outfit) Blue (containing run outfit) Green (containing After race outfit)
  8. Athlete wristband that gives you access to participants’ areas, to be worn around the wrist. This wristband will also give you access to the Pasta Party.
  9. Timing Chip must be worn on the left ankle
  10. Goodies with a voucher for “athletes gift”

Please check to ensure that all these items are present. In case of deviations, please report this to the Information Desk.